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Fitzrovia BarbersUX & UI

Fitzrovia Barbers are masters of barbering – their shop is based in central London and I had the pleasure of designing and building their new website. 

The client

Fitzrovia Barbers - a newly-opened and already very popular barbershop in Central London.

The Brief

Design and help build and deploy their new website where users can book appointments.

The Work

Consultancy, planning, UX, UI design, front-end dev, testing and deployment.


I kicked pff the project with a discovery meeting with the clients where I tried to ascertain all the stakeholder needs and desires. Unfortunately, the previous version of the website didn’t have any tracking or analytics so I couldn’t rely on user/performance data. However, it was safe to assume that the main user need is to be able to quickly book an appointment and any potential pain points lie in this particular journey. The other considerations were related to the features, functionalities and content required by the clients. 

After taking everything into account, I proposed a simple, two-step approach – planning the information architecture and then applying new, fresh designs to approved wireframes.

UX design

I created a new sitemap to illustrate the content architecture and then produced low-fidelity wireframes to showcase the user flow and demonstrate how I have introduced easy and quick access to booking appointments throughout the the site.

Some of the design routes

Design exploration

The client want a new look that was on-brand. However, as a fairly new business their brand was not visually established yet. This allowed for some room to explore different styles and approaches. I created 4-5 different design routes and together with the client I  filtered out the elements they felt strongly about until we reached a look and feel that they were happy with. 

UI design

Once the clients had approved a design route, I applied the agreed look and feel to the wireframes to create the new UI designs. I handed off to the developers designs for desktop and mobile together with supporting imagery and iconography. The site is built in WordPress and the front-end editor is Elementor so I also advised and implemented some improvements in the front-end directly – including micro interactions and animations.