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Who is Lach?


Oh hey πŸ‘‹

I’m a product designer who has been around for some time. I started my career on the creative agency-side where I found myself in a hybrid role leading a small cross-functional team. Somewhere between all the conversations with stakeholders, research, prep of functional specs and doodling wireframes it eventually hit me that I was involuntarily doing UX design and the rest just naturally fell into place.

I’m a well-rounded, full-stack (I think that’s the latest term!) designer who likes to get his hands dirty and be part of every step of the process – from conception to delivery. My specialties are working in small teams, developing early stage products, stakeholder management and SaaS. My mantra preaches that great design is functional and minimalistic.Β 

I’ve spent the last couple of years working in agri-climate-sustainability tech so for me doing something that will have a meaningful impact is highly motivating. 🌍

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Every client, project, product, team is different – but I’ve devised a tactic how to tackle all challenges.

Team work

As much as I’d like to, I can’t do everything myself. I dedicate time to getting to know all team members so I can learn how to work with them and get the best out of everyone.


These is so much going on outside the product team and information slips through the cracks. I always aim to have all key stakeholders on the same page and ensure everyone is aligned.


A product – platform, app, website – is only one part of a bigger design ecosystem. A brand is not just about pixels and it needs to be reflected in every output.


The design process is not straightforward, it needs constant iteration and it’s easy to get lost without a North Star. Which is why I need to define the goals first – how do we define success?


The work and the team dynamics are never the same, and there is no universal formula either. I try to find the best ways and tools to optimise how things are done.


Let’s leave micromanagement in the 1990s where it belongs. Having worked with many small, agile teams, I’m very self-sufficient and and I know how to deliver.

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